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6 February 2020

White Paper: Patients Must Decide How Their Medical Data is Used

A new report states that patients and the public need to be involved in the development of any strategies which are designed to maximise the ...
23 July 2019

UK to Innovate New Life-Saving Treatment and Diagnosis Technology

Diseases could be detected even before people experience symptoms, thanks to a pioneering new health-data programme as part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy. Businesses and ...
8 July 2019

Breath Test Could Detect Lung Cancer in Just Seven Minutes

The NHS is set to trial a new breath test which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and operates at the ‘nanoparticles’ level to enable it to ...
1 July 2019

Irish Start-Up Expects Five New Healthcare Products to be Discovered by 2021 Thanks to AI

Nuritas, an Irish start-up that made the first discovery of a healthcare product using Artificial Intelligence (AI), has said that it has the ability to ...
26 February 2019

AI in 2019 and How it Can Help Healthcare

AI in healthcare It was revealed in February 2019 at the launch of ‘The State of AI 2019’ at the Royal Institution in London, that the ...
23 March 2018

£9m Awarded to Breakthrough Digital Health Technologies

Patients to benefit from AI, machine learning and hand-held devices as newly-funded digital projects by pioneering companies point to future of healthcare. Innovative digital technology projects ...

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