About Us

Health Online is the UK’s premier online community, comprising healthcare professionals and key healthcare suppliers.

Perhaps you are looking to network with your peers, or share your content with other healthcare professionals and suppliers alike. Or perhaps you simply want to stay in touch with the latest news, articles and ideas within the industry. Health Online has it all.

User Experience

Our digital community provides an intuitive toolset that supports a best-in-class user experience.

You can tailor exactly what you want to see, and what perhaps isn’t of such interest to you.

Interests changed? Not to worry – the portal is dynamic so change your preferences as and when you like.

Whether you’re interested in the latest news on medical equipment, pharmaceutical drugs or even recruitment into the NHS, we can keep you updated on it all.

Health Online has been designed and built by BiP Solutions and is secured by Cyber Essentials. We have over 35 years’ experience in bringing buyers and suppliers closer together in order to deliver a premier procurement experience which results in true value for buyers and sustainable relationships for suppliers.

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