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Data in the World of Health Care

Research has shown that data analytics could save the health service anywhere between £16.5 billion and £66 billion annually.

The NHS uses data in many innovative ways, such as making improvements to their information analysis and reporting on targets, providing them insights from data in order to improve health and social care. Focusing on the needs of patients, clinicians and organisations within the health and social care sector, improving the services they provide.
Healthcare departments have been collecting data for a long time and that data holds valuable answers for many of the challenges that the health services face. Data can provide potential solutions for many things such as:
Reducing prescribing costs and wastage
Predicting the admission rates and helping with staff allocation
Reducing treatment waiting list times
Predicting epidemics
Curing diseases
Improving quality of life
Begin early preventive care
Spotting warning signs sooner
The NHS is being transformed through the digitisation of healthcare services and more insightful use of patient data. This is only beginning of the data journey for health care providers and there is a focus on how to make people’s lives better, at Eyecademy we have the same focus.
Over the last 10 years, Eyecademy have delivered a wide variety of solutions across all the local Scottish NHS Health Boards, as well as at a national level with NHS National Services Scotland. From streamlining data processes and creating self-serve & mobile BI environments, through to reviewing Data Quality & Health Board Reporting requirements, we are proud to be a preferred supplier across NHS Scotland.
At Eyecademy we believe that by unlocking the full potential of data it can benefit the patient by improving their healthcare experience.

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