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30 October 2019

Coventry Hospitals to Reduce Energy Costs by £1.6m a Year

Vital Energi have guaranteed to cut energy costs by £1.6m a year for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust by installing modern energy generation ...
14 August 2019

All Beds Replaced at Isle of Man Hospitals

All 263 beds at two Isle of Man hospitals have been replaced at a cost of £300,000, the island’s Health Department has said. Many of the ...
23 May 2019

£130 million Investment for Upgrading Radiotherapy Equipment

Following a successful partnership between NHS England and NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC), radiotherapy equipment has been replaced or upgraded at 38 cancer centres. Linear Accelerators are ...
20 May 2019

The Healing Hospital, Siemens Smart Infrastructure: How Well-Designed Hospitals Can Help Patients Heal Faster

It has been noted in recent times that when patients are in more comfortable surroundings, there is a positive impact on their recovery time and ...

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